Why we started Clitheroe Football College?

The motivation

I’ve always loved football. It’s always been a real passion of mine. Growing up in a small rural village within the Ribble Valley, football was something I played most days.

Like many, I dreamt of becoming a professional footballer and playing for my childhood club. However, I soon realised I wouldn’t be good enough to play. During a two-week work experience placement at Blackburn Rovers Football in the Community (BRFITC) I discovered my passion for coaching.

Upon leaving school I was offered a YTS at BRFITC. Here I began following my dream of coaching football as a career. On just £50 a week, I had to travel to Ewood Park 4 days a week and Preston College one day. 

My passion for starting Clitheroe Football College stems from just this, when leaving high school the journey to developing as a football coach was challenging. Having to commute daily was tough, expensive, and without support I don’t think my journey would have mapped like it had.

The goal

Clitheroe Football College gives Ribble Valley learners the opportunity to follow their dreams without having to travel too far. They will not have to rely on lifts, public transport or increased financial strain to themselves and their families. Our campus at Edisford Sports Complex, boasts state of the art pitches, an education suite and gym access.

Working in partnership with trusted training provider Virtual Learning UK, Clitheroe Football College gives 16 – 18 year olds living within the Ribble Valley a bespoke place to study, right on their doorstep.

No longer do you need to travel further afield to achieve your dreams and follow your career path as I had to do 20 years ago. Thanks to Clitheroe Football College you can now follow them a lot closer to home, relishing opportunities that have previously not been available.

VLUK Clitheroe Football College Campus at Edisford Sports Complex

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